Mark W. Hennessy Research Papers, 1928-1965
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Brief Description:

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            The Mark W. Hennessy Research Papers were stored primarily in notebook binders (see Appendix A), with the remainder housed in folders in a four-drawer file cabinet.  With the exception of the typed Sewall letters (Boxes 31/5-52/9), the bulk of the material is in draft form, including notes and lists.  These notes, handwritten and typed, appear on newsprint, small notebook pages, 3 x 5 cards, and scraps of paper.  The condition of most of the paper is reasonable, given that it was inexpensive to start with.  Most notes are in pencil.  Nothing was wasted, and the researcher may find writing on both sides of a single sheet.  Some of the notes came from the Bakers (see Acquisition and Provenance), and others came from an unknown source the latter are recognizable by differences in handwriting (other than the Bakers') and the use of ink instead of pencil.  Almost none are dated they could have been written at any time between 1925 and 1965.

            Because whatever original order Hennessy devised for managing his research notes is not essentially clear, a result of the Bakers' use of the material, Staff have created an order which they hope will make the research notes more accessible to users.  This is particularly true for Series III. A., The Maritime History of Bath.  Staff found multiple variations of Hennessy's proposed outlines for the book, each slightly different (see Box 6/5). One outline (Box 6/3) was chosen and followed for the arrangement of these "divisionals" or chapters as it appeared to be the most clearly defined.  Thus the arrangement closely follows the outline in Box 6/3 but does not necessarily follow the outlines in Box 6/5.  The variant outlines can be studied with the one selected for arrangement, and the user will notice overlaps and differences.

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            Series I. A. contains biographical information about Hennessy.  Sub-series B contains his correspondence from 1928-1965, arranged chronologically.  Some correspondence has been foldered by the name of the correspondent if the person wrote many letters to Hennessy or was well-known.  These latter are arranged alphabetically.

            Series II, Completed Works, is divided into four sub-series.  The first contains articles with his byline.  The second includes notes and papers from which we believe Hennessy gave talks.  Third is a section of histories of four Bath businesses.  This includes a series of advertisements for the Hyde Windlass Company, each of which shows a photograph or illustration of a sailing vessel outfitted with Hyde equipment and accompanied by a paragraph of historical text written by Hennessy.  In addition to his research notes and mock-ups, there are copies of 53 of the known set of 76 ads.  There are also histories of Bath National Bank, the Knox & Lincoln Railroad, and Bath Iron Works. Although the Museum does not have a copy of the history of the Bath National Bank, there is a draft copy in this sub-series.  It is not certain whether these were published.  The fourth and final sub-series of Series II contains some notes for Sewall Ships of Steel, published in 1937, but no draft copy material was found.

            Series III contains the material Hennessy had gathered for several proposed books, including The Maritime History of Bath (Sub-series A).  One comprehensive outline

(Box 6/3) for this book was chosen by Staff from among several possibilities (Box 6/5) to serve as a guide for the arrangement of the notes and "divisional" material intended for the history.  However, not all outline entries had folders of notes.  Material from the notebooks (see Appendix A) has been worked in to the outline so that it falls where it should in the "divisionals."

            Sub-series III. B. is the largest section within the collection and contains material on the Sewalls of Bath, a prominent 19th century Bath shipbuilding and shipping family.  It had its genesis in Hennessy's long relationship with the Sewall family and his exclusive access to the family's corporate archive.  Very obviously Hennessy intended to write at least four more books on the Sewalls (the "Big Four," the schooners, the Sewall yard, and the family itself).  From 1960 until his death he was in contact with various members of the family who had established a small research account for him. He even converted two rooms in his basement for the storage of part of the Sewall papers (the Sewall Ship Rooms). This material is arranged into six sections: Sewall Ship Records Sewall family Sewall companies Sewall masters vessels and transcripts of letters selected by Hennessy from MS-22 to aid in his research on the Sewalls and their activities.  They are arranged chronologically.  Beginning with Box 50 the arrangement is based on the family member involved.

            Sub-series III. C. contains material intended for a history of Bath, including draft copies from his notebooks, and material arranged by subject and by individual.

            Sub-series III. D. consists of miscellaneous material that Hennessy had apparently written for a series of short stories and reflects his penchant for dialogue and humor in a nautical context.  His ideas for illustrations and for other proposed works are also included in this section.

            Series IV contains research notes and reference materials arranged by general topics: subject, place, and miscellaneous notes.

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            --In general Hennessy's folder titles or "divisionals" have been transferred directly  to the new folders to help the researcher understand how his mind worked.  This is occasionally confusing, as MWH sometimes had more than one folder or notebook with the same title.  We have left these as separate folders but have placed them together in sequence.

            --Hennessy kept many of his notes in ring binders (e.g., HN 1).  In all cases the notes have been removed from the ring binder, the binders destroyed, and the title of the binder transferred directly to the new folder(s) [s. Appendix A].

            --Most metal fasteners and rubber bands have been removed.

            --The collection contained original material from the Sewall Family Papers which was returned to MS-22.

            --Additional notes on vessels by years can be found in William A. Baker's note-

book, MS-57.

            --Outgoing and incoming correspondence have been integrated because Hennessy's

replies to requests for information were often drafted on the incoming letters.

            --Hennessy rarely dated any of his notes or drafts.  It is almost impossible to date

them within the forty year span during which he was involved with Bath's maritime


            --Frequently a finished article has been placed in the folder containing notes for the article, rather than in the folder of completed articles.  Thus to study the body of his published work, it is necessary to look in most of the folders.

            --Many newspaper articles do not carry his by-line but appear to be written in his style.  The articles often say "By Bath correspondent," assumed to have been MWH.

            --There are often several drafts of the same material in the same folder, all

undated.  Some look very rough, while others look ready for publication.

            --If some topics are repetitive and some sections seem disorganized, it is because the processors tried to follow Hennessy's outlines, especially for Sub-series III. A.  In all cases we left material foldered as he had stored it himself.

            --Some of the papers in Sub-series III. C. were tri-folded into envelopes (Box 60/6), just as the newspaper morgue stores them.

            --Hennessy appears to have kept some of his published articles pasted onto scrapbook pages [s. Box 3/17, removed to Over Size drawer].

            --Frequently there are sketches and doodles on his notes.

            --The "Big Schooners" (Box 10/5) appears to be almost a separate book in and of itself.

            --In Boxes 32 and 33 the sequence of typed letters from various Sewall companies appears to be out of order this is because the typed letters were removed from the binders Hennessy had put them in and were transferred intact as he had them arranged, despite the seeming overlap of titles.

            --Material on specific vessels and captains is scattered throughout the collection, in enough places that it was impossible to list all the references to each in App. E, Added Entries and Partial Index.  Instead Staff have listed in App. D (pp. 32-34) all the places where this information can be found.

Held at:
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Bath, ME 04530
Phone: 207-443-1316
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Created by: Hennessy, Mark W. (1904-1965)
Volume: 60.0 Boxes

Organized in four series:  Series I, biographical information and corre-

            spondence (1 box) Series II, completed works (4 boxes) Series III, proposed or

            incomplete works (51 boxes) and Series IV, general research and reference

            materials (4 boxes).

Biographical Note for Hennessy, Mark W. (1904-1965) : Mark William Hennessy was born in Bath, Maine, May 13, 1904, the son of William and Margaret (Conley) Hennessy.  His father worked for the Maine Central Railroad as an engineer.  The family lived at 32 Summer Street, Bath. In 1923 he graduated from Morse High School, Bath, and headed to Boston to attend art school. He later attended another art school in Boothbay, ME.  (Examples of his art work and photographic skills can be found in MS-53.)  In the summer of 1924 he worked as an office boy in the Sewall office at 411 Front Street, Bath, for Samuel S. Sewall and William D. Sewall II, remaining partners of the famous shipbuilding/ shipping firm of Arthur Sewall & Co.  Perhaps his lifelong interest in the Sewalls and in maritime history began during that time. He joined the Gannett newspapers (owners of Portland, Maine's three newspapers) in 1925 as the papers' first Bath correspondent and photographer.  Hennessy was the Bath correspondent for the Portland Press Herald in particular for almost forty years.  His feature articles and photographs about the history of shipbuilding in Bath and the people who went to sea also appeared regularly in the Maine Sunday Telegram.  In 1964 he resigned his position to fulfill a lifelong dream of writing a maritime history of Bath and the Kennebec Region for the Marine Research Society (now Maine Maritime Museum).  Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer just a few weeks after signing the contract, and instead of continuing his writing, he chose to organize his notes and files in the time that remained to him.  These have become collection MS-53 at MMM. The proposed maritime history of Bath was not his first book.  In 1937 he published Sewall Ships of Steel, a widely acclaimed work on America's only fleet of steel sailing ships.  Hennessy also intended to write at least three more books on the Sewalls--one on their large wooden schooners one on "The Big Four" (Shenandoah, Roanoke, Rappahannock (2), and Susquehanna) and one on Arthur Sewall, the "Maritime Prince" and vice presidential candidate with William Jennings Bryan in 1896.  To this end he worked closely with the family and even had constructed in his own basement the Sewall Ship Rooms, where he kept many of the Sewall papers and organized them for his research purposes.  Unfortunately he was not able to complete any of these works either. However, he did finish some shorter pieces over the years.  These include histories of Bath National Bank, the Knox and Lincoln Railroad, and Bath Iron Works.  He also wrote the text for a series of at least 76 advertisements prepared by Hyde Windlass Co. on historic vessels which had used their equipment.  The main body of his work, however, remains the countless articles he wrote as Bath correspondent for the Gannett newspapers.  Much of his work is documented in MS-53. Hennessy was active in community affairs.  He was a member of the Bath City Council, 1926-1930 in his capacity as Bath correspondent, he attended every City Council meeting from 1925 to 1964.  He was also a member of the Colonial Club and the Marine Research Society of Bath.  He served as trustee, secretary and treasurer of Bath City Hospital over a span of twenty years.  In 1933 he became a corporator of the Patten Free Library and later served on the Book Committee, as well as the Building Committee for the Barker-Wright Memorial Wing.  At St. Mary's Catholic Church he was a corporal worker of the Mercy Society from 1930 until his death.  Hennessy was deeply involved with the formation of the short-lived Kennebec Marine Museum in the 1930's and later on, the Marine Research Society of Bath. In 1930 he married Flora I. Fraser (ca. 1904-1977), a fellow graduate of Morse High School.  She was the daughter of Coleman and Josephine Fraser of Bath and was a stenographer at the time of her marriage.  According to the wedding announcement in the newspapers, they were married on the same day as another couple who then joined them on their honeymoon.  They had no children.  For many years the Hennessys lived at 134 Centre St., Bath. He had a fishing hut lower down on the Kennebec where he used to go to think and write--and fish.  His knowledge of local maritime history was recognized widely.  Photographs show him with a fedora, a pipe in his mouth and his faithful Speed Graphic camera in his hand.  He enjoyed people very much and maintained correspondence with many.  There are still those in Bath who remember Mark Hennessy with respect and warmth.  He died in Bath of cancer on September 16, 1965.
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Acme (4m bark)
Ada Bailey (3m schooner)
Adams & Hitchcock
Adriatic (ship)
African trade
Agnes F. Manson (3m schooner)
Alabama Claims
Alice Archer (3m schooner)
Aloha (3m schooner)
America (Ship)
American Ice Co.
American Merchant Marine: Its History & Romance from 1820 to 1902
Amsbury, Katharine
Anderson, C. O., Captain
Aphrodite (yacht)
Applebee, Robert B.
Arabia (ship)
Arthur Sewall & Co.
Arthur Sewall (booklet)
Aryan (Ship)
Ash, C. E., Captain
Astral (4m bark)
Atlas (4m bark)
Augusta (ME)
B. L. Burt (3m schooner)
Badger, S. F. M.
Bailey, Forman T.
Baker, James G., Captain
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Bath Marine Museum, s.a. Kennebec Marine Museum
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Bath Memorial Hospital
Bath National Bank
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Bell, Frederick J., Commander
Belle Higgins (3m schooner)
Belle Morse (ship)
Benedict Manson Marine Company
Benjamin F. Packard (Ship)
Berry, Stephen Decatur, Captain
Billias, George
Blackwall (ship)
Blanche Allen (3m ship)
Boffey, L. F.
Bohemia (ship)
Bolt, Daniel R.
Boomerang (ship?)
Boothbay (ME)
Boston College (trawler)
Bowker, Frank S.
Brewington, Marion V.
Briry, Edward, Dr.
Brittania (ship)
Bulletin, The (newspaper)
Bullion (ship)
Burt, Everett J.
Butler, Henry W., Captain
Cahoon, Susan (Quick)
California--Gold Discoveries
Cape Horn (ARG)
Capt. Harold G. Foss - master of sail and steam (article)
Captain Richard Quick, Horn Voyager (article)
Carlton Bridge
Caroline (yacht)
Carrie A. Lane (3m schooner)
Carrie S. Bailey (3m schooner)
Carrollton (ship)
Carter, Charles J., Captain
Caviar from the Kennebec (article)
Century of Shipbuilding, A (manuscript)
Challenger (ship)
Champion (ship)
Chapman and Flint
Charles P. Notman (4m schooner)
Charmer (ship)
Charter parties
Cherokee (ship?)
Chesebrough (shipP
Chevalier (DD-451)
City of Bath (dory)
Civil War in the Far East, The (article)
Clapp & Boynton
Clark & Sewall
Clark, Edward S.
Clark, Freeman
Clayton Extinguishing and Ventilating Co., Ltd.
Clipper ships
Coal trade
Colcord, Joanna
Colcord, Lincoln
Colley, Lewis S., Captain
Collins, Jason, Captain
Collisions at Sea
Colton, J. Ferrell
Commerce (ship)
Committee for the Preservation of the Kaiulani
complete schedule of vessels built and registered in the District of Bath, Maine, commencing at 1783
Condition Red, Destroyer Action in the South Pacific (article)
Constitution (frigate)
Continental (ship)
Coriolanus (ship)
Corsair (yacht)
Cotton trade
Cousins, Erwin "Red" T.
Crosby, Elwell S.
Crowninshield, B. B.
Currier, Isabel
Curtis, William H., Captain
Customs houses
Cutler, Carl C.
Cyclops (Navy collier)
Daily Kennebec Journal
Damariscotta (ME)
Davenport, Charles
Davenport, George P.
Day's Ferry (ME)
Day on the River, A (article)
Dearborn, David B.
Deering & Donnell
Defiance (J-boat)
Detroit (bark)
Diadem (ship)
Diana (brig)
Diary of a Sea Captain: the maiden voyage of the Aryan around the Horn (article)
Dickinson, Wiley R., Captain
Dicky Bird (3m schooner)
Dingley, Frank, Captain
Dirigo (4m Bark)
Dole, Richard F.
Don (motor vessel, passenger)
Dorothy Palmer (5m schooner)
Dorsett, E. Lee
Douglas, Carville L.
Douglas Dearborn (4m schooner)
Down-East Ships of the Union Navy (article)
Drew, John H., Captain
Dumaresq, Philip, Captain
Dummer (brig)
Dustin G. Cressey (4m schooner)
E & A Sewall
E. F. Sawyer (ship)
E. S. Crosby and Company
Eames, Emma
Eaton, Thomas
Edward O'Brien (shipbuilder)
Edward Sewall (4m bark)
Edward W. Murdock (4m schooner)
El Capitan (ship)
Elden, Alfred
Eleanor (steam yacht)
Ellsworth American (newspaper)
Emigration and immigration
Emmons, Seward P., Captain
Emperor (ship)
Emulous (schooner)
Enigma (schooner)
Eric the Red (ship)
Erie (ship)
Erskine M. Phelps (4m bark)
Eyres, Williams I., Captain
Families at sea
Fannie Palmer (5m schooner)
Figureheads of ships
Fishing boats
Fletcher, L. J., Rev.
Florence J. Allen (3m schooner)
Flying Dragon (ship)
Foss, C. Arthur
Foss, Harold G., Captain
Frank Marion (bark)
Frank N. Thayer (ship)
Frederick Billings (4m bark)
Fred Eugene (barkentine)
Freeman, William, Captain
Freeman Clark (ship)
Freight and freightage
Gatherer (ship)
Genesee (ship)
George F. Patten and Sons
Georgetown (ME)
Gibbons, Thomas P., Captain
Gibbs, S. B., Captain
Gilmore, David C., Captain
Girard (ship)
Glendale (brig)
Goodwin, George W., Captain
Goodwin family
Goss & Sawyer
Goss, Guy C., Captain
Goss, Sawyer & Packard
Goss Marine Iron Works
Gould, James Wrren
Gov. Ames (5m schooner)
Gov. Dingley (steamer)
Gov. Robie (ship)
Graham, Robert J., Captain
Granger (ship)
Great Star Fleet, The (article)
H. V. Baxter (ship)
Haggett, Eben
Hall, Henry
Hallett, Richard
Hallowell (ME)
Halonia (yacht)
Hanna, Jay
Hanover (ship)
Harrington, Charles B.
Harry E. Yarnell (DL-617)
Harvester (ship)
Harwood Palmer (5m schooner)
Hathorn, Alber
Haynes, J. Manchester
Haytian Republic (steamer)
Hector, Margaret (Sewall)
Helene (yacht)
Hellesport (ship)
Hennessy, Flora I. (Conley)
Henry, Fred, Captain
Henry B. Hyde (ship)
Henry Failing (ship)
Henry Villard (ship)
Hermon (ship)
Hi-Esmaro (yacht)
Hill, Arthur L.
Historical Souvenir of Bath (book)
History of Ancient Augusta (article)
Hitchcock & Blair
Holyhead (ship)
Houghton, Levi
Houghton Brothers
House flags
Howard, L. C.
Howard, Lawrence C., Captain
Howe, Percy, Captain
Humboldt (ship)
Humiston, Fred
Humphrey, Omar J., Captain
Hunt, G. W.
Hustler (barkentine)
Hutchins, John B., Professor
Huycke, Harold D.
Hyde, Thomas Worcester
Hyde family
Hyde Windlass Co.
Ice Trade
Idaho (steamer)
Important events in the history of Bath (book)
Indiana (ship)
Influence of the Civil War upon the Kennebec River (paper)
Intrepid (ship)
Irish, Eleanor Adams (Percy)
Iron industry and trade
Iroquois (ship)
J. B. Walker (ship)
J. H. McLellan & Company
J. S. Winslow Company
Jack, Robert, Captain
Jacob E. Ridgway (ship)
Jane Carlton (brig)
Jayne, Dorothy (Sewall)
Jeanne d'Arc (trawler)
Jewett, Captain
John C. Calhoun (Ship)
John Patten & Son
John R. Kelley (ship)
John Rosenfeld (ship)
Johnston, J. Cardy
Kaiulani (4m bark)
Katahdin (ram)
Katahdin (steamer)
Kate Markee (3m schooner)
Kate S. Flint (3m schooner)
Kelley & Spear
Kelley, John R., Captain
Kelley, Spear & Company, see Kelley & Spear
Kenilworth (ship)
Kennebec (steamer)
Kennebec Journal Press, see Lord, Fred R.
Kennebec Marine Museum
Kennebec River (ME)
Kennebunkport (ME)
Kiehne, Herman H., Captain
Kineo (1) (ship)
Kineo (2) (5m schooner)
King, H. M. Captain
King, William, Gov.
Knox & Lincoln Railroad
Kortum, Karl
Kreger, Wm. R., Captain
Kremlin (barkentine)
Labor disputes
Lady Franklin (ship)
Larrabee & Allen
Lawrence, William, policeman
Leander (ship)
Lee family
LeHand, M. A.
Lellman, Karl V.
Lemont, Levi P.
Lewis (brig)
Litchfield, P. W.
Log of the Edward Sewall (book)
London, Charmian
London, Jack
Lord, Fred R.
Lord, John A., Lt.
Lovell, Harvey Hinckley, Captain
M. P. Grace (ship)
M. Vivian Pierce (4m schooner)
Macedonia (ship)
MacKay, Donald
MacMillan, Donald B.
Maine Central Railroad
Maine Whalers, The (article)
Malaga Islands (ME)
Malcolm Baxter, Jr. (4m schooner)
Mallett, Elisha P.
Mallett, W. M., Mrs.
Malmsten, Henry G.
Marcia (brig)
Marine artists, see also Charles R. Patterson
Marine Research Society of Bath
Maritime Exchange Association
Marvin, Winthrop L.
Mary Manning (4m schooner)
Masts and rigging
Matterhorn (ship)
Matthew, Frederick C.
Mayers, Clayton W.
McDonald, John
McDonald, P. A., Captain
McLellan, James, General
McLellan and Turner
McLeod, Angus, Captain
McMichael, Ephraim K.
McNaught, W. C., Captain
Meeker, Sidney
Merchant marine--Government policy
Merchant marine--Officers
Merchant Marine League of the United States
Merchant seamen
Merchant seamen--Medical Care
Merrymeeting Bay Bridge
Mertie B. Crowley (6m schooner)
Miller, James M.
Mills and mill-work
Minott, Charles V.
Monhegan Island (ME)
Moore, Arthur P., Captain
Morgan, Charles S.
Morrison, Samuel H.
Morse, Charles Wyman
Morse, J. [Jacob] Parker
Morse family
Moses family
Murphy, J. Wilder, Captain
Murphy, James F., Captain
Murphy, Maria (Higgins)
Murphy family
Myra B. Weaver (5m schooner)
Naval architects
Naval Architecture--Designs and plans
Newcastle (ME)
Newcomen Society in North America
Newell, John R.
New England (steamer)
New England Co.
New England Shipbuilding Co.
New Era (ship)
Nicholas (DD-449)
Nichols, Amos
Nichols, Charles M., Captain
Nora Bailey (3m schooner)
O'Bannon (DD-450)
Occidental (ship)
Ocean Scud (ship)
Ocean Signal (ship)
Old Kennebec Sturgeon Fishery (article)
Old Shipbuilding City (poem)
Olympic (4m jackass bark)
Olympic (steamer)
Oracle (ship)
Orbit (brig)
Oregon Fir (6m schooner)
Oriental (ship)
Our first hundred years: the story of the Bath National Bank 1855-1955 (booklet)
Owen, Charles, Captain
Owen, Henry W.
Pacific Ocean
Palmer, Frank A.
Palmer, William F.
Parthia (ship)
Partridge, F. S.
Pattee, William P.
Patten, C. E., Captain
Patten, Jarvis
Patten Car Works
Patten family
Patten Free Library
Patterson, Charles R.
Pendleton Satisfaction (3m schooner)
Pennsylvania (Ship)
Pennsylvania German Society
Percy & Small
Percy, Samuel R., Captain
Perry, Joseph B., Captain
Perry, William B., Captain
Peterson, Frank
Peterson, Frank H., Captain
Phelps, Erskine M.
Philbrook, Joshua
Phippsburg (ME)--Shipbuilding
Phips, Sir William
Pilots & pilotage
Pleiades (brig)
Plumer, William, Captain
Plummer, E. C.
Plummer, George E.
Popham Beach (ME)
Popham Colony
Portland (CA-33)
Portland (sidewheel steamer)
Portland Steamship Company
Preble, George A., Captain
Prescott, Worrall D.
Protheroe, Lorena R.
Prussia (ship)
Quick, Richard, Captain
Rainier (ship)
Rairden, Bradstreet S., Captain
Ranger (J-boat)
Rappahanock (1) (ship)
Rappahanock (2) (ship)
Reaper (ship)
Red Jacket (ship)
Reed, Thomas McCobb
Reminiscences of a Yarmouth School Boy (book)
Report of the Shipbuilding Industry (booklet)
Richard Morse & Sons
Richmond (ME)
Rideout, John P.
Rideout family
Riesenberg, Felix, Captain
Ring, Edward E., Dr.
Rio Grande (ship)
Rites and ceremonies--Launchings
Roanoke (4m bark)
Robinhood (ME)
Roderick Dhu (bark)
Roger Sherman (ship)
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, President
Rose, Frank
Rowe, William H.
Rum industry
Ruth B. Cobb (4m schooner)
Rutledge, J. F., Captain
Ryan, P., Captain
S. M. Thomas (5m schooner)
Sagadahoc (Sidewheel steamer)
Sailing cards
Sallie Fearn (ship)
Salt industry and trade
Samaria (ship)
Samaritan (ship)
Sampson, C. A. L., Col.
Sandford, Frank W., Rev.
San Fernando (barge)
Sarah G. Hyde (ship)
Sarah W. Hunt (schooner)
Satilla (3m schooner)
Scully, Thomas J., Captain
Seafaring life
Seapine (yacht)
Sea songs
Sewall, Alice (Meeker)
Sewall, Arthur
Sewall, Dummer
Sewall, Frederick D.
Sewall, Harold Marsh
Sewall, Joseph G., Captain
Sewall, Mark W.
Sewall, Mary L.
Sewall, Oscar T.
Sewall, Rufus
Sewall, Samuel Swanson
Sewall, Sumner
Sewall, William D. (current)
Sewall, William D., II
Sewall, William D., Jr.
Sewall, William Dunning
Sewall family papers
Sewall Ships of Steel (book)
Shad fisheries
Sheepscot River (ME)
Shenandoah (4m bark)
Shiloh (Durham, ME)
Shipbuilding (Bath, ME)
Shipbuilding--Equipment and supplies
Shipbuilding--Waldoboro (ME)
Shipbuilding--Warren (ME)
Shipbuilding--Washington Country (ME)
Ship captains
Ship captains' wives
Ship Carpenters Association (Bath)
Ship carving
Ship chandlers
Ship Decoration
Ship models
Ships, iron and steel
Ships--Registration and transfer
Ship transfer to foreign registry
Small Point (ME)
Solitaire (ship)
Soule, Gardner
Southard, Jeff
Southard, Thomas J.
South Carolina (ship)
Southworth, William
Speeches, addresses, etc.
Squirrel Island (ME)
St. Paul (ship)
Steamboat lines
Sterling (ship)
Stinson, Edward P., Captain
Story of the Bath Iron Works Corporation, The (draft)
Sturgeon fisheries
Susquehanna (4m bark)
Switzer, David C.
Switzerland (ship)
T. J. Southard & Son
Tabor (ship)
Tacoma (ship)
Tallman, Peleg
Talofa (4m schooner)
Tapley, Mrs. Robert M.
Taunton (MA)--Schooners
Taylor, William C., Captain
Texas Steamship Company
Thomas M. Reed (1) (ship)
Thomas M. Reed (2) (ship)
Thomaston (ME)
Thompson, Chadwick, Captain
Thompson, Nathaniel L., Captain
Thrasher (ship)
Three Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of American Shipbuilding (speech)
Thrilling Account of the loss at sea of the schooner Enigma (article)
Tinima (barge)
Tofa (3m schooner)
Topsham (ME)
Torrey Roller Bushing Works
Tropic (ship)
Trott, Harlan
Trufant, Drummond & Company
Turner, William Frye
Undaunted (ship)
United States. Customs (Maine Districts)
United States Custom House (Bath, ME)
Valentia (ship)
Vancouver (ship)
Vandalia (sloop-of-war)
Vicksburg (ship)
Vigilant (ship)
Villafranca (ship)
Ville de Paris (ship)
Virginia (pinnace)
Volant (bark)
Voyages, Lists of
W. F. Babcock (ship)
W. R. Grace (ship)
W. V. & O. Moses
Webb, Marcia (Sewall)
Webber, Harry
West Indies trade
Westport Island (ME)
Wetterhorn (bark)
Whaling ships
What happened to the Cyclops (article)
Whitmore, Swanton, Captain
William & Mary (ship)
William Baylies (screw steamer, whaling)
William M. Rogers & Son
William P. Frye (4m bark)
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Dimond Company
Williams, H. Sewall
Williams, John, Captain
Williams, John W., Jr.
Williams, Kaiulani (Sewall)
Willie Rosenfeld (ship)
Winchester, James H., Captain
Winnegance (ME) see Phippsburn (ME)
Wiscasset (ME)
Wm. D. Sewall (ship)
Women and the sea
Woodward, L. B.
Woodward, Seth C., Captain
World War, 1914-1918
World War, 1939-1945--Campaigns--Pacific Ocean
Wreck of the New Era (article)
Wynn, Edward
Wyoming (6m schooner)
Yachts and yachting
Yorke, Grace
Zenobia (ship)
Zouave (ship)
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Acquisition Notes: Museum purchase from Flora I. Hennessy, Nov. 1965.  G72.106.  The Mark W. Hennessy Research Papers came to the Marine Research Society of Bath (now MMM) through an agreement made in September, 1964, between Hennessy and the Society in which Hennessy was to write a maritime history of Bath.  Unfortunately he died in 1965 without completing the work.  That fall the Society purchased his papers from his widow, Flora I. Hennessy, and then turned them over to William A. Baker, who had been hired to complete the maritime history.  Baker made extensive use of Hennessy's notes and drafts.  Sometimes he even added his own notes onto Hennessy's, as did his wife and research assistant, Ruth Baker.  Numerous notations and outlines made by Mr. and Mrs. Baker appear as block letters or script in blue ink on Hennessy's notes.  There are some Hennessy Papers still left in Baker's research notes (MS-57) which could not easily be moved back because of the extent of the Bakers' notes. The Hennessy papers are fairly easy to identify because they are either written in pencil in Hennessy's large hand or they were typed on his 12 pt. machine.  (Baker's typewriter was 10 pt.)  Baker returned the papers to the Museum ca. 1972, after the publication of his book, The Maritime History of Bath, Maine and the Kennebec Region.  In addition to the papers in MS-53, Hennessy, and later his widow, gave books, framed photographs, about 1,300 unframed photos, the Mark W. Hennessy Collection (MS-18), and some artifacts.
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PreferredCitation: Mark W. Hennessy Research Papers, MS-53, Research Library, Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine