Charles Wyman Morse Family Papers, 1847-1964
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Brief Description:

The papers in this collection are divided into two major series, Business and Family Papers.  The first series, Business Papers, contains some records of Benjamin Wyman Morse's (1825-1887) various business activities in the Bath area.  These include towing records for vessels up and down the Kennebec, many of which were ice-carrying a very few records of his ice operations and some records from B. W. & H. F. Morse.  None of these is as complete as hoped for, and whether they were lost when Charles moved his mother and sister to the big house at 942 Washington St. after his father's death in 1887 can only be speculation.

            Unfortunately there are very few records documenting the period ca. 1880 when Charles first arrived in New York.  No records for his ice companies, early steamship companies, or banking records are included in these papers.  Some were subpoenaed for the 1908 trial, and perhaps they stayed as part of the trial record.  The records which remain from this period are a few letters from the trial era and some records for a real estate development in Saratoga, NY, called Morse Park.

            The bulk of the materials in this collection pertain to the activities of the Morses from about 1915-1920, with additional quantities covering the sons' business ventures dating into the early 1930's.  Incorporation papers, board minutes and notes, incoming and outgoing correspondence, and some accounts make up the greater portion of these papers.  This section also includes records of the World War I shipbuilding enterprises and resulting legal battles between the Morses and the U. S. Shipping Board, Emergency Fleet Corp.  There are many, many other court cases involving the Morses' activities, some of which are represented in the papers in great detail.  While there are papers about individual steamships, these tend to be random in nature and do not document the voyages, crews or captains of the steamers.  A possible exception is a group of papers in the Hudson Navigation Co. section (Series I. B. 5b) which details accounts of the commissary department.  Although this material may be important for the study of shipping and WW I shipbuilding, it unfortunately bears little relation to maritime activities in Maine.

            The remainder of the papers in the first series is comprised of records of the business activities of Benjamin Wyman Morse (1885-1972) and his brother Harry (1890-1980).  Both were involved with shipping in the early 1920's before branching out into other, hopefully (they thought) lucrative fields of endeavor.  There is good material on support of the American mechant marine, the National Recovery Administration as it related to boat builders and repairers, and boatyards dealing with yachts.

            The second series, Family Papers, comprises small quantities of material on 21 Morse family members.  Generally these include a few letters or accounts.  There are some exceptions, however.  The first relates to the accounts of B. W. Morse (1825-1887) which detail his investments in various Bath-built vessels.  The second covers Charles' guardianship and estate, which are well documented, as are the estates of his second wife, Clemence C. Morse (1856-1926) and his sister, Jennie Morse (1854-1927) these latter two estates are extremely tangled with each other and reflect disputes among Charles' off-spring as to the handling of the estates.  Jennie's records also include a number of her diaries which document a trip to Europe, trips to the opera in New York City, and steamer launchings in Alexandria, as well as local Bath affairs.  The final exception is the papers of Harry, which include a number of folders reflecting his involvement in Connecticut organizations and a considerable quantity of material on his Radio Free Europe trip to West Germany, 1954.

            At the end are some miscellaneous papers, the relationship of which could not be determined , and some oversized materials.  Please see Appendix J for lists of other Morse materials at Maine Maritime Museum.

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Created by: Morse, Charles Wyman (1856-1933)
Volume: 96.0 Boxes
Arrangement: Organized into three series: I. Business Papers, II. Family Papers, III. Miscellaneous
Access Restrictions: <span face="">There are no restrictions on the use of this collection, except as regards care in their handling.  </span>
Subject Index
A. D. Cummins & Co.
A. H. Hanscom (tug)
Accounts, Household
Adelew III (yacht)
Adelia (tug)
Adirondack (sidewheel steamer)
Administration of Estates
Albany Felt Co.
Albany River-Front Co.
Alert (yacht?)
Alice L. Pendleton (4m schooner)
Allied Shipping Co.
American Association of Boat Builders and Repairers, Inc.
American Merchant Mariners, Inc.
American Oil Export Co.
American Union (tug)
Anacortes (screw steamer, freight)
Anahuac (screw steamer, freight)
Andalusia (screw steamer)
Andrews & Nelson
Anna E. Morse (screw steamer, freight)
Ansaldo III
Anton, Nicholas
Arcadia (screw steamer)
Argus (Coast Guard floating base)
Arleen (sloop, yacht)
Armed Forces
Arthur Braun
Ascutney (screw steamer, freight)
Asiatic Petroleum Co.
Associated Boat & Yacht Yards (of America)
Asthore (motor vessel, yacht)
Atlantic Corp.
Atlantic Wood Shipbuilders' Association
Augusta Trust Co.
Augustin (steamer?)
Average (Maritime law)
Ayres, J. Elmer
B. W. & H. F. Morse
B. W. Morse (3m schooner)
B. W. Morse (tug)
Baker, Carver & Morrell
Baker, George A.
Balston (screw steamer, freight)
Baltimore (barge)
Bank of the United States
Banks and banking
Baptie, Elizabeth Morse
Bath (ME)--Businesses
Bath (ME)--Vessels
Bath (ME). Tax collector
Bath Savings Institution
Bath Trust Co.
Baum, Mr.
Bedford Steamship Co.
Belen Quezada (aux. 3m schooner)
Bellingham (tug, sidewheel)
Belvernon (screw steamer, freight)
Belvernon Steamship Co.
Benj./Benjamin W. Morse & Co., Inc.
Benson, William S., Admiral
Berea (screw steamer, freight)
Berkshire (sidewheel steamer)
Betsy Bell (screw steamer, freight)
Bills of sale
Binghamton (screw steamer, freight)
Binghamton Steamship Co.
Bird, Alan L.
Black Rock (screw steamer)
Boat Builders Association of Southern California
Boatbuilding industry
Boating industry
Boats and boating--Germany
Boats and boating--Law and legislation
Boats and boating--Maintenance and repair
Boats and boating--Storage
Boatyards--New England
Boatyards--New York
Boatyards--Rhode Island
Bornholm (steamer or barge?)
Boston (MA)
Bowen, Norris L.
Bowler (screw steamer)
Brooks Steamship Co.
Brounstein, J.
Brown, George
Brunswick Site Co.
Buccaneer (yacht)
Buffalo Trust Co.
Burditt, George M.
Burke & Herbert
C. B. Church (4m schooner)
C. W. Morse & Co., Inc.
C. W. Morse (sidewheel steamer)
Campbell, Nehemiah H.
Canal & River Transportation Co.
Cape Henry (screw steamer)
Capps, William L., Admiral
Carlton, F. W.
Carson & Nicoll
Cassin (Coast Guard destroyer)
Catherine (yacht)
Cavanaugh, John A.
Cecil (screw steamer?)
Central Maine Power Co.
CG-291 (Coast Guard patrol boat)
Charles H. Morse (3m schooner)
Chautauqua (tug)
Chelsea (steamer or barge?)
Chemung (screw steamer, freight)
Chemung Steamship Co.
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.
Christie, L. D.
Citizens' Line
Clemence C. Morse (screw steamer, freight)
Coal trade
Col. Barnett (Army river steamer)
Colin H. Livingstone (screw steamer, freight)
Colypso (yacht)
Comewa (yawl)
Commercial National Bank
Commercial Trust Co.
Compania de Navigation, Huron
Conklin, Abram, Rev.
Conlin, Fred
Connecticut Circle
Connecticut Development Commission
Connecticut Editorial Association
Connecticut Yachtsmen
Continental Hotel
Continental Steamship Co.
Continental Trading Co.
Corbella, Luigi
Corin Bros.
Cornell University
Corporation Trust Co.
Corsair Boat Co.
Court records
Cox & Stevens, Inc.
Cragin & Co.
Crusade for Freedom
Crusader (motor vessel, yacht)
Cunningham-Pedrick, Inc.
Cutler, Carl C.
Cutler, Edwin O.
Daniel H. Willard & Co.
Daniels, Josephus
Daugherty, Harry M.
Davenport, George W.
Delaware & Raritan Canal
DePalma Co.
Diana (screw steamer, freight)
Dodge Water Car
Fullerton, Walter A.
Galesburg (screw steamer, freight)
Geer case
Geiger, Anna Elsie (Morse)
Geiger, Jaime
Geiger, Jim
Geiger, John Jacob Casson, M.D.
Gen. Abasalom Baird (Army mine planter)
Gen. Wm. M. Graham (Army mine planter)
General Realty Corp.
Geo. Moulton, Jr. (3m schooner)
George Lawley & Son Corp.
George P. Cox (steamer)
Gielow, Henry J.
Gilbert & Morse
Gilbert, Mark L., Captain
Ginsburg case
Glidden, Walter S., Judge
Globe and Commercial Advertiser
Goethals, George W., General
Goodnow, Fred C.
Graham, James G.
Graves, E. Salmon
Greenleaf, Mrs. S. P.
Griswold, I. H.
Grocery trade
Groton Iron Works
Groton Park Real Estate Co.
Groton Plant, GIW
Guetaria (screw steamer)
Guggenheim, William & Aimee
Gunston Hall (screw steamer, freight)
H. A. DeWitt (3m schooner)
H. E. Moss & Co.
H. F. Morse (screw steamer, freight)
H. F. Morse Associates, Inc.
Hackensack Trust Co.
Hacker Boat Co.
Haffenreffer, Carl W.
Hall, F. P.
Hall, J. Frew
Hampton, Florence M.
Hartford (screw steamer, freight)
Harvard University
Harwood, LeRoy
Hatch, John E.
Hatteras (screw steamer)
Heath, Henry G. K.
Heinze, Augustus P., Ada L. & Otto
Henderson case
Herbert N. Edwards (screw steamer)
Herreshoff Manufacturing Co.
Heselton, George W.
Higgins, F. Harrison
Higley, Brodie Gilman
Hirsch, Lilienthal & Co.
Hokah (screw steamer, freight)
Holden case
Holzman, Cohen & Co.
Hopewell (VA) development
Hotels, taverns, etc.
Houck, Montrose W.
Hudson Navigation Co.
Hudson River Day Line
Hudson River Night Line
Hudson River Steamboat Co
Hulbert, Jennie (Southard)
Hurley, Edward M.
Huron (screw steamer, freight)
Huron Steamship Co.
Hussey family
Ice Trade
Insurance, Marine
Insurance, Marine--War risks
International Bank
Interstate Coal & Dock Co.
Interstate Commerce Commission
Intracoastal Corp.
Investment advisers
Iroquois (sidewheel steamer)
Irving Bank/Trust Co.
J. B. Brockdorff & Co.
J. C. Felleman & Co.
J. Modell & Co.
J. O. Webster (schooner)
James O'Brien & Co.
Jaquith, John C.
Jay Dee (motor vessel, yacht)
Jean II (motor vessel, yacht)
Jennie R. Morse (3m schooner)
Jennie R. Morse (screw steamer, freight)
Jimmie (motorboat)
John G. McCullough (screw steamer, freight)
John G. McCullough Steamship Co.
John G. Morse & Sons
Joy Steamship Line
Julia Loft (4m schooner)
June Bug (yacht)
Kayak (yawl)
Kennebec and Portland Railroad
Kilburn, Clifford S.
Knickerbocker Ice Co.
Knickerbocker Steam Towage Co.
L-40 (Army distribution box boat)
L-42 (Army distribution box boat)
Lackas, William J.
La Cubana (yacht)
Lake, Robert L.
Lampke & Stein
Lansing (screw steamer, freight)
Lansing Steamship Co.
Lasker, A. D.
Leander Wilcox (screw steamer)
Libel and slander
Liggett Shipping Corp.
Lina (bark)
Lincoln National Bank
Little Jennie (schooner)
Livingstone, Colin H.
Livingston family
Loft, George W.
Loft Shipping Corp.
Long, Mamie B. (Cowles)
Long, Maurice F.
Lovey (motor vessel, yacht)
Luders Marine Construction Co.
Lusk, Clayton R., Senator
Lyman Boat Works
M. V. Morse (screw steamer, freight)
M. W. Sewall & Co.
Macomber, George E.
Madelyn Shirley Lord (4m schooner)
Main, Archibald M.
Manitou (screw steamer, passenger)
Manuel Caragol (4m schooner)
Manufacturers' National Bank (Troy)
Marblehead (MA)
Marine engines
Marine Equipment Bond
Marine Railroad & Coal Co.
Marsh & McLellen
Martin, Luther
Martin, W. J.
Marvel Shipbuilding Co.
Masons (fraternal order)
Matthews, A. E.
Matthews Co., The
Maury, John F.
McCabe, J. J.
McCarthy, J. E.
McClintic-Marshall Co.
Meany, J. R.
Memsahib (yawl)
Mencken, Stanwood
Mennela, Michele
Merchant marine--Government policy
Merchant marine--Medical care
Merchant seamen--salaries, etc.
Merry Mount (screw steamer, freight)
Metropolitan Steamship Co.
Miami (FL)
Miller, H . Allen
Miller, Harvey A.
Miller, Louise (Morse)
Miller Carburetor Co.
Miller Carburetor New York Corp.
Miller Carburetor Sales Co.
Mines and mining
Mink (sloop, yacht)
Minneapolis (screw steamer, freight)
Minneapolis Steamship Co.
Minnesota (screw steamer, freight)
Missouri (screw steamer, passenger)
Mitchell, W. S., Captain
Mitchell, Willard A.
Mohawk (5m schooner)
Monaghan (Coast Guard destroyer)
Monmouth (screw steamer)
Montgomery, Field Marshall
Montpelier (screw steamer)
Morgan, Gladys
Morse & Co.
Morse, Alice (Owens)
Morse, Anna Eliza Jane (Rodbird)
Morse, Benjamin Wyman
Morse, Charles Henry
Morse, Charles Wyman
Morse, Clemence Christy (Cowles) Dodge
Morse, Elva M. (Pevey)
Morse, Elva Wyman
Morse, G(eorge) William, Captain
Morse, Georgie Fontaine (Maury) Reyburn
Morse, Harry Franklin
Morse, Hattie Bishop (Hussey)
Morse, James Thomas
Morse, Jennie Rodbird
Morse, Marion Wyckoff (Vanderhoff)
Morse, Warren, Captain
Morse-Goodnow Co.
Morse Construction Co.
Morse family
Morse Log, The
Morse Park, Inc.
Morse Securities Co.
Motion sickness
Moulton, G. A.
Moulton Realty Corp.
Much, Rupert M.
Murray, E. F.
Murray Line
Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.
Nahoum, Julius
Nameaug (screw steamer, freight)
Nanquitt (screw steamer)
National Association of Boat Builders and Repairers, Inc.
National Association of Yacht Yards
National Commercial Bank
National Council of American Shipbuilders
National Marine League
National Recovery Act
National Recovery Administration. Boat Builders and Repairers Code
National Ship Corp.
National Surety Co.
National Union Bank of Reading (PA)
Nautical Gazette
Naval Architecture--Designs and plans
Navema (yawl)
Nellie T. Morse (3m schooner)
Nelson, Adelaide C.
Neuse (screw steamer)
Neuse Steamship Co.
Newbold contract
Newburgh Shipyard, Inc.
New England Association of Boat Builders & Repairers, Inc.
New Jersey Steamboat Co.
New London Lighterage Co.
Newport Steamship Co.
News Letter
New York & Buffalo Steamship Co.
New York & Cayenne Steamship Co.
New York & Cuba Mail Steamship Co.
New York (NY)
New York (NY), Port of
New York, Albany & Troy Transportation Co.
New York, New Haven & Hartford RR
New York, Norfolk & Washington Steamship Co.
New York-Knickbocker Real Estate Co.
New York. Division of Canals and Waterways
New York Curb Market Association
New York State Barge Canal
Noank #2 (tug)
Noank Plant, GIW
Noank Racing Sloops
Noank Shipyard, Inc.
Nolte, Charles H.
Nomad (Yawl)
Norris, A. F.
North America Holding Company
North America Liquidation Co.
Northland (4m schooner)
Northland Steamship Co.
North River Teminal Co.
Oak Grove Cemetery (Bath, ME)
Ocamo (screw steamer, freight)
Ocean bottles
Oceano (screw steamer, freight)
Ocean Tours Corp.
Ohio Valley Steamship Corp.
Old Dominion (ship)
Onaire (yawl)
Ordinance (steamer?)
Oruro (screw steamer, freight)
Overseas Shipping Corp.
Owego (screw steamer, freight)
Owego Steamship Co.
Pack, Henry George, Captain
Palmer (steam lighter)
Palmer, Nathaniel T.
Palmer, R. B.
Palmer, Warren R.
Palmer Navigation Co.
Pandora III (motor vessel, yacht)
Patrol boats
Paul C. Duke (steamer?)
Paulsen Fisheries Co.
Pawnee (screw steamer, freight)
Payne, John Barton
Payson, Herbert, Jr.
Pendleton Brothers
Pennsylvania Trust Co.
Penobscot (sidewheel steamer)
People's Line (steamships)
Pequot (screw steamer, freight)
Petroleum Industry and trade
Petzalis, C.
Pevey, Gilbert A. A.
Philadelphia Boat Builders Association
Philadelphia Knickerbocker (Co.)
Pier 32 (NYC)
Piez, Charles
Pioneer Steamship Co.
Pitcairn Island (GBR)
Pittsburgh Bridge (screw steamer)
Plummer, Edward C.
Poore, John G.
Pope, George U.
Popham (tug)
Porto Rico (screw steamer)
Port Supply o.
Princeton University
Provincetown (screw steamer, freight)
Prudential Insurance Co.
Public utilities
Pullman Taverns, Inc.
Pusey, C. C.
Quinnipiac (screw steamer, freight)
Radio Free Europe
Rajah (screw steamer)
Randolph Park, Inc.
Reading Co.
Real estate development
Reconstruction Finance Corp.
Rensselaer (sidewheel steamer)
Resolute (tug)
Reveille (yacht)
Rhode Island (sidewheel steamer)
Rhodesia (screw steamer)
Ridgely, William Barrett
Rites and ceremonies--Launchings
Rites and ceremonies--Weddings
Robbins family
Robert L. Lake Co.
Robert Palmer & son Ship Building and Marine Railway
Rockwood, Nash, Judge
Rodbird family
Rood, Charles D.
Rood, Dexter
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, President
Rosco Battery Co.
Rosemont development
Rosoff, Samuel
Rundlett, Carl C.
Rush (Coast Guard patrol boat)
Ruth E. Merrill (6m schooner)
Sallrite (yacht?)
Saratoga (NY)
Scandinavian-American Shipping Corp.
Schwab, Charles M.
Scott, W. W.
Sea Fox (sloop)
Seguin (1) (tug, sidewheel)
Sepulchral monuments
Service Warehouse Corp.
Sheba (sloop)
Sherman, Thomas A.
Shields, George H. III
Shipbuilders' Bulletin
Shipbuilding - Employees
Shipbuilding industry--Law and legislation
Ship captains
Ship Construction and Trading Co., Inc.
Ship mortgages
Shipping associations
Shipping bounties and subsidies
Shipping conferences
Ship propulsion
Ship registers
Ships, wooden
Ships--Fires and fire prevention
Ships--Maintenance and repair
Ships--Safety regulations
Shoreham Hotel
Silver Wings (4m schooner)
Skate (nuclear submarine: SSN578)
Skidblandir (ketch)
Skraeling (hacht)
SLutzkin, George
Smith, George A., Jr.
Smith case
Snyder, Edwin H.
Sona-Tone Phonograph, Inc.
Sons of the American Revolution
Southard family
Speedaway (yacht)
St. Paul (screw steamer, freight)
St. Paul Steamship Co.
Star Co.
Starr, Harold A.
States, John A.
States Steamship Co.
Steamboat lines
Steamboats--Passenger accomodation
Steamship & Shipyard Equipment Co.
Steam Ship Operating Co.
Steamship Service Corp.
Steel industry and trade
Sterling, George W.
Stewart, D. S.
Stewart, Victor B.
Stock certificates
Suwance (screw steamer)
Syracuse Trust Co.
Taft, William Howard, President
Tanager (yawl)
Tanner case
Thames Towboat Co.
Thomas D. (barge)
Thomas F. Clark Co.
Tillotson-Wolcott & Co.
Tollard (screw steamer, freight)
Tomboy (motor vessel, yacht)
Tooras (motor vessel, yacht)
Tri-National Steamship Co.
Tri-State Steamship Co.
Triangle Steamship Co.
Trisket (motorboat)
Trojan (sidewheel steamer)
Tropical Steamship Co.
Trowbridge, Henry O.
Troy (NY)
Troy River-Front Co.
Truman family
U. S. Desk Co.
Union Trust Co.
United States. Coast Guard
United States Army--Boats
United States Oil Corp.
United States Petroleum Co.
United States Ship Corp.
United States Shipping Board, EFC, Contracts
United States Shipping Board, Emergency Fleet Corp.
United States Steamship Co.
United States Transport Co.
Universalist Church (Bath, ME)
Valentine & Co.
Vanada (screw steamer, freight)
Vanderhoef family
Vester (motor vessel, fishing)
Victor (steam tug)
Virginia Shipbuilding Corp.
Voyages and travels
W. C. Chase & Co.
W. R. Grace & Co.
Waldron, Foy C.
Wallace, R. B.
Walsh Commission
Warner, F. T.
Weaver, Joseph B.
Webb & Prall
Western Comet (screw steamer)
West Hobomac (screw steamer)
Whalers' writings, American
Whalin & Craig
White, R. O.
White Cloud (schooner)
Whitney, John R.
Whitney, Mark O.
Wilcox, Crittenden & Co., Inc.
Wilkes (Coast Guard destroyer)
William Castle Rhodes (screw steamer, freight)
William Castle Rhodes Steamship Co.
Williams Shipbuilding
Wilson, Woodrow, President
Winship, Charles
Wolfer, Charles A.
Woodlawn Park development
Worcester (screw steamer, freight)
Workers' compensation
Wyckoff family
Wyman Publications
Wyman Steamship Co.
Xiphias (tug)
Yacht clubs
Yacht racing
Yachts and yachting
Yacht Yards Clearing House
Yale University
Yosemite (barge)
Genres/Forms of Material
Contracts, Maritime
Promissory notes
Ships' papers
Stocks and bonds
Languages of Materials
English [eng]
Rights/Use Restrictions: The material described herein is the physical property of the Maine Maritime Museum Library. Literary rights, including copyright, belong to the authors of the various items, or to their legal representatives, or to Maine Maritime Museum. For further information, consult the library staff.
Acquisition Notes: Gifts, 1981 and 1990 G81.74 and G90.82.  

The materials in this collection were acquired in two lots. The first lot came from

Mrs. Joseph Castanza, a granddaughter of Charles Wyman Morse, in 1981 (G81.74).  They had belonged to her father, Harry Franklin Morse, the youngest son of Charles and had been in Harry's possession at least since he was declared legal guardian of his father in September, 1926.  The second lot of materials was donated by Donald E. Hill in 1990 (G90.82).  These materials had been in the basement of his business at 942 Washington St., Bath, the former Morse family home, since the Morses sold the house in the 1930's the papers had been brought to Bath by an unidentified family member and had apparently been forgotten.  At the time of the second acquisition, the Museum's Librarian made the decision to put the two accessions together in one collection since the materials obviously belonged to the same family members and overlapped.  Each piece of paper from the first accession, G81.74, is individually marked with the accession number, while those received in 1990 (G90.82) were not marked.  Thus, it is possible to distinguish one accession from the other.

PreferredCitation: Charles Wyman Morse Family Papers, MS-47, Research Library, Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine.