Captain Mark Thurlow Papers, 1847-1875
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Brief Description:

This is a small collection of vessel and personal papers for Captain Mark Thurlow from 1847-75. The vessel papers pertain to the J. A. Simpson (Schooner), Susan (Brig) and Virginia (Bark). An account book belonging to Mark Thurlow covers voyage of the J. A. Simpson (Schooner), the brig Susan from December 1849 to December 1851 and the bark Virginia June 1854.  Two small receipts were found in the account book for the brig Susan dated December 1853.  A small fanciful epitaph on the back inside cover of his account book states:

“This day I am on board the Schr. J. A. Simpson at St. John Porto Rico, West Indies Isle on the 17 day of March in the year of Eighteen and forty 8”

Crewmen and wages are recorded in this account book. Merchant accounts, ports, freight and cargo, repairs, labor, supplies, fees and insurance are documented in this source as well.    Personal papers are general accounts between Captain Mark Thurlow and his brother, Capt. Charles T. Thurlow.  Receipts are for sundries and goods purchased by Mark Thurlow from his brother Charles T. Thurlow. One receipt is dated 1871 for a settlement of accounts to Eunice Thurlow, Charles T. Thurlow’s wife, two years after his death in 1869.

Lastly, a small pamphlet-stitched account disbursement book dated 1875 during the construction of the Cutler School House.

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Created by: Thurlow, Charles T., Capt. (1822-1869), Thurlow, Mark, Captain (1818-1875)
Volume: 1.0
Acquired: 07/23/2000.
Arrangement: The papers are organized into two series: Series I: Vessel papers and Series II: Personal papers.
Biographical Note for Thurlow, Charles T., Capt. (1822-1869) :

Capt. Charles T. Thurlow was born 1822 in Cutler, Maine and was the brother of Capt. Mark Thurlow. He married  Eunice C. Ackley of Cutler on April 16, 1865  and they had nine children—four daughters (Susan O., b. 1848; Alice Belcher, b. 1856; Mary Ella, b. 1857; and  Clara/Clare Emma, b. 1862) and five sons (George W., abt. 1849; Frederick Willliam, b. 1852; Charles Melvin, b. 1854; Maurie P. or R., b. 1862 and Lewis Kalmon, b. 1867).

Charles T. Thurlow is listed as a “farmer” in the 1850 United States Federal Census, “Merchant” in the 1860 United States Federal Census and in “Retail Sales” in the 1865 IRS Tax Assessment List. The 1850 Maine Directory also lists Charles T. Thurlow of Cutler, Maine as a “Justice of the Peace” and “Inspector for the Cutler Seat of Customs.” The only referenced to a seafaring life is in the 1850-1880 U.S. Federal Census Non-population Schedules listing his occupation as fishing4 and the New England Business Directors of 1860 and 1865 listing him as a fish dealer.

Ship registers and enrollments of Machias, Maine shows us that Charles T. Thurlow commanded the vessel Lark (Schooner) in 1863. The Lark was built at Harpswell in 1834 and was initially owned by Malachi Flagg. In 1860, Charles T. Thurlow purchased ½ share of the vessel.  He then left the Lark (Schooner) and came aboard the schooner Decator as shipmaster between 1864 and 1869. The Decator was built at Essex, MA in 1836 and Charles T. Thurlow was registered as full owner of this vessel in 1864. In 1865,. Charles T. Thurlow co-owned the vessel with Moses T. Stevens. He continued to be master of this vessel up until his death in 1869 at which point his heirs owned ½ of the vessel. By 1870, his heirs owned 32/64.1  Capt. Charles T. Thurlow died October 3, 1869 in Cutler, Maine.

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Account books
Cutler (ME)
Cutler School House
J. A. Simpson (Schooner)
Merchant seamen
Ship captains
Simpson, George W. (Washington), Captain
Susan (Brig)
Thurlow, Charles T., Captain
Thurlow, Mark, Captain
Virginia (Bark)
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Physical Access Notes: Many of the papers have surface dirt. Some manuscripts are discolored or stained. Other papers have creases with minor tears on edges and fold lines. These were repaired with thin, transparent document repair tape. Those with heavier crease lines, folds or dog ears were flattened with a tacking iron at low to medium heat. A portion of the first page of Cutler School House account is torn free and parts are missing. Some of the records are fragile and should be handled with care. These have been sleeved in Melinex or archival Mylar.  Enclosures were created for the Cuter School account book and Capt. Thurlow’s vessel account book
Acquisition Notes: Maine Maritime Museum purchased the Capt. Mark Thurlow papess at auction July 23, 2000, Trueman Auction Co., Waldoboro, ME, acc. no. 2008.48  

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<h3 style="text-align:justify"> <span style="font-size:12.0pt;font-weight:normal">There is no known provenance at this time. Many other account books and log-books related to Capt. Thurlow were sold at the same auction, but the Museum was not able to obtain them.</span></h3>

PreferredCitation: Captain Mark ThurlowPapers, MS-342, Research Library, Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine.