Captain Alonzo P. Nash Papers, 1866-1869
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This collection consists of an account book and two folders of loose papers found with the account book. The account book records income and expenses for the three-mast schooner William E. Downes from 1910 through 1914, ending on page 65. Each page records a trip or part of a trip, with expenses listed for one or more ports. These records are referred to as “Sch. Wm. E. Downes in acct with A. P. Nash.” Cargoes are often mentioned (coal, lumber, asphalt) and ports include Bath (ME), Brunswick (GA), Cienfuegos (CUB), Fernandina (FL), Gulfport (MS), Jacksonville (FL), New Haven (CT), New London (CT), New York, Newport News (VA), Norfolk (VA), Perth Amboy (NJ), Savannah (GA), Trinidad (BWI), and Weymouth (NVS). The visit to Bath contains a detailed account of extensive repairs done at that time (October – December, 1910).

One folder of loose papers contains pages torn out of printed account books, with handwritten accounts on each page. All pertain to the voyages of the William E. Downes, describing the financial benefits of Captain Nash and Managing Owner E. H. Weaver. They are dated from February of 1910 through March of 1912. Each page is headed “Capt. A. P. Nash,  In account with E. H. Weaver,” contains five or more months of accounting, and ends with these words or similar, “Friend Nash, Copy of our private acct – see if it agrees with your acct.  E. H. Weaver.”  There are six pages; the final one is typewritten.

The second folder contains several pages of miscellaneous financial notes, each of which is incomplete. There is an account page of Nash and Weaver’s financial relationship, similar to those in the folder above, but with no dates (This is on a billhead for E. H. Weaver & Co., “Ship Chandlers. Groceries and Provisions. Tackle blocks, Cordage, etc., of every description.”). There is another undated page of accounts, uncertain as to which vessel and who is keeping the record, although it ends with “Cash to Capt.”  There is a third partial account, running from September to November 1912, for the schooner William E. Downes, but with no indications of whose account it is.

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Created by: Nash, Alonzo P., Captain (1881-?)
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Biographical Note for Nash, Alonzo P., Captain (1881-?) :

Alonzo P. Nash (Junior?) was born May 15, 1881, to Alonzo P. and Emily Nash, probably at Harrington, Maine, in Washington County. The 1900 Census shows him living in Harrington with his mother and older brother Henry, and Alonzo Jr. giving his occupation as Sailor (2nd Mate). On August 10, 1903, aged 22 and giving his occupation already as master mariner, he married Mary A. Hall of Addison, Maine, also 22. The 1910 Census shows Alonzo and Mary living still in Harrington, married six years, with 3 children: Alonzo, 5; Andrew H., 4; and Sarah E., 6 months. His occupation at that time was given as sailor, merchant vessel. In this period he was in command of the three-mast schooner William E. Downes, as shown by the documents in this collection. In 1918 he shows up on a crew manifest at New York in command of a steamer Evelyn arriving from La Pallice (FRA). The 1920 Harrington Census, sure enough, lists him as a captain, steamship.

            Between 1920 and 1930 something happens to the family, and Alonzo and Mary are divorced. The 1930 Census shows an Alonzo Nash living in Harrington, but he is 25 and a blueberry farmer. This is the son – he is a homeowner, and head of household. His mother Mary is living with him, listed as divorced. His younger brother Andrew, occupation steamboat seaman, is also listed in the household. The father Alonzo P. Nash is probably the Alonzo Nash who shows up in the New Orleans Census, occupation Underwriters Surveyor, approximately the right age, living in a rooming house. Evidence for this identification is the name of someone else living in the same rooming house: Andrew Nash, 23, Mariner. This would mean that Andrew was listed twice in the same census, his mother and brother back in Maine not thinking that he might be staying in a rooming house somewhere the day the census taker came.

            Whether Captain Nash left the sea permanently at this time is not known. No death date has been found for him. His wife Mary H. Nash died December 30, 1973, aged 92, at Ellsworth, ME.

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Asphalt trade
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Cienfuegos (CUB)
Coal trade
Coastwise shipping
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Gulfport (MS)
Jacksonville (FL)
Lumber trade
New Haven (CT)
New London (CT)
Newport News (VA)
New York (NY)
Norfolk (VA)
Perth Amboy (NJ)
Savannah (GA)
Sea captains
Trinidad (BWI)
Weaver, E. H.
Weymouth (NVS)
William E. Downes (3m schooner)
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Acquisition Notes: Bequeathed by Capt. W. J. Lewis Parker in 2006.  <span face="">            Captain Parker was an extremely knowledgeable collector. He picked up many parts of his collection of maritime papers by purchase from dealers, auctions, or estate sales, or by gifts from relatives of maritime figures. We have found no documentation of how he acquired this particular group of manuscripts. These papers were found in his study with similar items, and were part of his maritime library which he bequeathed Maine Maritime Museum</span>
PreferredCitation: Captain Alonzo P. Nash Papers, MS-461, Research Library, Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine